Montessori often spoke of nature and that really is the key. Nature reveals the built-in cues for stimulating sensory awareness. The child comes from nature. Nature and the child are one. So as a teacher, what can we do? We can allow the child to explore as much of the outdoors as possible. Since the children at The Nurtury will be with us for a full day we will make sure they have outdoor experiences many times throughout the day. We will also bring the outdoor environment inside with natural decor and also work that involves objects from the outdoors. During those times we will also kindle a respect for nature in the children. By doing this we also respect the child because, remember, the child comes from nature and is a part of nature.

“Mental development is a process of awakening. The child needs to be aroused by outside stimuli. Light and sound, smell and taste and touch, form and figure and landscape appear and call to the child.”

– Maria Montessori


The outdoors means much more to us at The Nurtury than simply a space for free play. The outdoor space will help your young child develop body awareness, visual awareness, sound awareness, taste and smell, tactile awareness, and body position in space.