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Parent Checklist - Day Care Center New Rochelle, NY & Ft. Lauderdale, FL | The Nurtury Montessori

Here is a list of some things for parents to think about:

  • parentsDo you have a goal of what you want to accomplish with the toddlers?
  • How do you know if a child is on track and learning all these things? All these materials look so impressive but is my child doing these things?
  • Are there some kids that do all this work and others that do not?
  • Are there kids that are not right for Montessori?
  • Do you share that information with the parents?
  • Are there guidelines a child must meet to move on to the next class?
  • How quickly would you know if a child is falling behind?
  • I understand you study artist and composer? Can we find out what you are studying so we can talk about it at home?
  • Is physical education part of the program? When they are outside they are just free playing?
  • Do you believe in time out? How is it used, when and why? Are parents notified when children are given time out?
  • Can the children use materials they have not had a lesson on?
  • Is there only one way to use materials?
  • Are children allowed to talk?
  • Are they ever told they cannot talk?
  • Who are the teachers?
  • What type of schooling do they have?
  • What type of background checks do we do?W
  • hat is the application procedure?
  • Are we allowed to observe the classroom?