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What you need to know about the PRIMARY PROGRAM [3 Years – 6 Years]

Allow Your Child to Develop in Our Preschool Classroom

Loyally Catering to the Westchester, NY & Ft. Lauderdale, FL areas

We have 5 Full Day Programs. (Monday - Friday)

Full day hours include but are not restricted to 7:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.

Primary children possess a remarkable ability to absorb the world that surrounds them. Maria Montessori believed that the years from three to six are the most critical period for nurturing curiosity and for laying the foundation for all future development.
The goals of The Nurtury at this age are to foster independence, and to support children in moving toward mastery of self and their environment. It is a totally prepared Montessori Environment designed to encourage children in their self directed discovery of the world through interest based activities in Practical Life, Sensorial, Math, Language, Geography, History, Art, Music and Science. These activities properly matched to the child’s ability level and interest help to develop within the child a love of learning.

Fundamental to Montessori theory is the multi-age classroom. The class must include children age three to six and children can work either individually or in a small group, learning from and sharing with one another.


The Needs that need to be met to enroll into a Primary Class

  • Potty trained 
  • Self feeding 
  • Self care 
  • Emotionally / Socially Developed 
  • *Communication skills *


Practical Life

Through practical life activities, children acquire many daily living skills, preparing food, fastening cloths, and caring for their environment. These activities extend the power of concentration and develop coordination of movement.

Sensorial Activities

Through the interaction with the sensorial materials which isolates one quality – such as color or shape – children experience the world through their senses, in a way that establishes the physical and mental foundation for further learning.

Language Activities

The Nurtury is a language rich environment. Through the variety of Montessori materials and activities, children become familiar with the sounds and symbols of letters which naturally leads to reading and writing. We introduce Spanish as a second language to children at a time when they are physically emotionally and cognitively most receptive to learn.


Children begin to explore mathematical relationships by manipulating concrete materials such as number rods- that are designed to isolate a concept and prepare them for abstract reasoning. The goals of the program is for each child to develop a love of numbers, problem solving strategies, computation skills and confidence in using numbers in everyday life.

Cultural – Art, Music, Geography, Science

In Montessori these are integrated into the whole language experience. Children learn about Famous Artists and Art work and Composers and musical composition while also learning skills such as cutting, pasting, painting and drawing as well as singing and keeping a beat and playing musical instruments such as shaker, bell, maracas and drums.

Social Activities

Children learn the balance between the freedom of the individual and the concerns of the group. Other social behaviors that flourish is a sense of responsibility for ones own behavior, respect for others and care of the environment.

Conferences and reports

Parent observations will be held twice a year prior to conferences. At the conference their will be a written report on each child progress to be discussed. Teachers will communicate frequently with parents through notes, phone calls and newsletters. As always, we invite you to visit our preschool classrooms in the Westchester, NY and Ft. Lauderdale, FL areas!

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